Furniture & Home Decor

 We are teaming up with CVIC, Community Violence and Intervention Center, to create a unique new revenue-generating opportunity called "Project Boomerang".  Your participation as a supporter of CVIC will insure the success of this program. 

Turn your gently used furniture and home decor into cash/credit  for CVIC.   Items donated for CVIC must meet the store's intake requirements.  Contact ConsignIt directly at 701-757-2333 to learn how the process works.  Find out more about intake requirements at "What items are accepted?".

Once you bring your items in, you will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes from CVIC.  It's that easy!  

When your items sell, CVIC can receive cash or use the account credit for clients in need.

As a member of the small business community, ConsignIt is proud to be spearheading this important effort.  It is our hope that those in need will benefit the most from your willingness to participate in "Project Boomerang".  Thank you for your generosity!

Call 701-757-2333 today to find out how you can help!

"Project Boomerang"

"What you give, comes back in many ways."