Consign Your Items

ConsignIt  accepts gently used and/or unique items to sell on behalf of consignors.  We do not buy items outright.

What items are accepted?



     While we do  accept vintage or antique items, we may not be able to price them at their actual                      value but rather at a price suitable for our market.  We encourage antique owners to obtain  an                    appraisal from a reputable antique dealer to assess the  value of antique items in today's market.

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It's Easy

No ads for you to place, no phone calls from potential buyers, no storage fees, no hassles.  We store, price, market and sell items on behalf of consignors. 

How does the consignment process work?

How does the contract work?

The initial consignment period is 90 days.  At the time of consignment, consignors are asked to choose an option for handling their items if they have not sold within 90 days.

  • Consignor picks up their items after 90 days.
  • Consignor consents to items being donated after 90 days.
  • Consignor agrees to extend consignment period beyond 90 days.

We price the items and sell on behalf of consignors.  We also incorporate periodic price reductions.

Percentages received by consignors:

  • 50% on items sold for $50.01 and above
  • 40% on items sold for $50 and under

ConsignIt assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to items by theft, fire, accident or other cause.  Consignors are responsible for insuring items they deem valuable enough to warrant insurance. Items should not be left at our store if these terms are not acceptable.

Here are a few simple steps to consigning your items:

  • Call to see what items are currently being accepted 701-757-2333.
  • Provide us with pictures of the items you want to consign either by bringing them to the store or by emailing the pictures to
  • If your items are accepted, bring them to the store using the street entrance by K-Mart.  If you live in Grand Forks or East Grand Forks and are unable to bring them yourself, pick up can be arranged for a fee.
  • When your items arrive at the store, you will complete a contract detailing the terms of the consignment. 

Furniture & Home Decor


Because space is limited, we cannot take every item brought to the store.  We accept quality items in excellent condition.  Some items we may not accept due to overrepresentation in the store.

Items accepted may include but are not limited to the following:

  • sofas, accent chairs, rockers, recliners
  • coffee tables, end tables, sofa tables
  • dining room tables/chairs
  • cabinets of all kinds,includiong curio cabinets, bookcases
  • desks, office chairs
  • unique or unusual cut/etched glass pieces, stemware
  • unique or unusual home decor items
  • framed art
  • lamps


  • clothing
  • stained, faded, ripped or badly worn furniture
  • mattresses
  • baby items including cribs, playpens, high chairs, car seats, changing tables, toys
  • appliances
  • electronics
  • pet related items
  • vehicle accessories
  • fishing/hunting accessories
  • items over-represented in the store
  • tools
  • sets of china or silverware